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1/4 lb Organic Maple Sugar

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It’s hard to beat this maple sugar, it has become absolutely essential in our kitchen! We use it for just about everything, and it always adds a bit of richness and depth of flavor to whatever we’re whipping up. Even just a simple bowl of oatmeal becomes something special with this maple sugar on top!

We sieve our sugar to a fine and consistent grain size so that baking with it is no problem. You can use it as a 1:1 replacement for any other kind of sugar. It is packed into a natural resealable bag so that it can become your go-to in the kitchen too!

Want a little sprinkle in your morning coffee? Check. Making a delicious glaze to top your salmon or steak? We’ve got you covered. Not only does maple sugar sweeten, but it adds its own one-of-a-kind mapley caramelized flavor to any meal or side.

Decorating sugar cookies for the holidays? Here’s your perfect dye-free alternative- organic, kosher, single ingredient, locally made, maple sugar.

Here’s the best part, when you open the bag the familiar delicious traditional scent of maple flies out and puts a smile on your face because you know it’s not bleached and processed with chemicals, so you can feel good about treating yourself and your family.

We hope that you try it and love it as much as we do!

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