The season has ended

Our 2020 season has come to a close. Now comes the fun of pulling over 10,000 taps (and it actually is fun if we can beat the ticks and black fly season) and cleaning up from the long spring that it has been. Despite the challenges this year has brought us we have been moved by everyone's show of support. 

Projects for summer 2020! 

  • We're building a new sugar house! That's right, we have a grant from NRCS to help us put in a more efficient evaporator. The evaporator must be installed this year, or we lose the grant opportunity, but we still must fund and build an appropriate facility to house it. This may be more of a challenge than anticipated because of the current economic climate, but be on the look out for a blog post about this, and how you can help!
  • New product pictures! We're trying to update our website, as we have changed our packaging over the last few years. These types of jobs typically take a backseat to our many other projects, but we're putting it on this list this summer!

Because of the COVID19 pandemic, many of our wholesale accounts have been closed and not ordering. That means each and every order you make right now really makes a difference to us, and we thank you! 

Looking for syrup? We are making our maple syrup available in the following ways:

  • We continue to fulfill online orders (we typically ship once a week on Tuesday or Wednesday, if you need a rush order email us and we'll let you know if we can expedite things).
  • We continue to supply our our wholesale vendors, find some of them here.
  • We also have put out a self-serve maple stand in our lower lot in Brownfield. It contains maple syrup, maple cream, maple candy and maple sugar. You may pay with a check or cash, or can email us to pay over a credit card.
If you have any questions contact us at corrie@saphoundmaple.com 
 Thank you.
Manny the Sap Hound barks with some firewood
Manny, the Sap Hound barking over some pieces of firewood. :)
If you would like to read about our story click here. To buy our organic maple syrup online, please click here. 

We are a member of the Maine Maple Producers Association & the Southern Maine Maple Sugarmakers Association. We are certified organic and kosher.

Maine Organic Farm Certification

 Our friend and filmmaker, Mike Dana took some great footage of our operation. Check out this awesome video from Mike Dana Studios! Thanks Mike!

Sap Hound Maple Company from MikeDanaStudio on Vimeo.

Also, check out this article in the Portland Press Herald that interviewed some Maine sugarmakers, including us!