Welcome to Sap Hound Maple Company!


Visit us at the Common Ground Fair, Cumberland Fair, and Fryeburg Fair this Fall!

 We are a small family-run organic maple syrup operation located in Brownfield, Maine. We have 1375 taps on a 50-acre piece of land on the state line. The spring of 2016 was our inaugural year of commercial operation, and it was a great one! We are so excited to share our passion of making maple syrup with you! If you would like to read about our story click here. To buy our organic maple syrup online, please click here. 

We are a member of the Maine Maple Producers Association & the Southern Maine Maple Sugarmakers Association. We are certified organic and kosher.

Maine Organic Farm Certification

 Our friend and filmmaker, Mike Dana took some great footage of our operation. Check out this awesome video from Mike Dana Studios! Thanks Mike!

Sap Hound Maple Company from MikeDanaStudio on Vimeo.

Also, check out this article in the Portland Press Herald that interviewed some Maine suarmakers, including us!