Nutrition Information

Nutritional Information

People often ask if Maple Syrup is healthier than other sugars and sweeteners. If you look at the table below you can see that maple does appear to offer more nutritional value than many other common sweeteners, at a reduced caloric intake comparatively.

Nutritional Information for common sweeteners

Something that is not as well known about using maple products is that they can offer another natural source of antioxidants.

Antioxidant levels in Maple

The antioxidant value of maple syrup has been found to have a range of values which could be a result of differing values of antioxidants for different grades of syrup. Some recent scientific research has shown that the darker grades of syrups have greater antioxidant activity than the lighter grades. In general they report that a serving of maple syrup can provide 10-38% of your antioxidant needs for the day.


The International Maple Syrup Institute, Nutrition and Health Benefits of Pure  Maple Syrup, March 2012

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