Organic Maple Syrup

Our organic maple syrup has a delicious, traditional New England flavor!

From the 2017 season we can offer three grades of maple syrup, Amber Rich and Dark Robust and Very Dark. People often ask about the different grades and colors of maple syrup. If you are looking to buy some of our organic maple syrup you can read more information here to learn about the different grades.

We offer our organic maple syrup in both glass containers and more traditional plastic jugs. The custom glass containers range in size from 1.4 ounces to full gallon jugs. These glass containers showcase the beautiful shades of amber of maple syrup. Our more traditional plastic jugs are BPA-free, and make it easy to ship and travel with our delicious organic maple.

All of our maple syrup is hot packed at very high temperatures and comes sealed. It does not need to be refrigerated until that seal is opened. Once it is opened, enjoy, use and share generously! If you would like some ideas on different ways to use maple syrup, check out our recipes page here!

We truly believe we have the best organic maple syrup on the market today! When you decide to buy our maple products you are supporting small agriculture and a small Maine business! Our little sugaring operation is run by our family, and we approach our sugar-making the same way we approach our business, with care, a sense of humor, and love.